Drone Roof Inspection Services

Kingfisher Drones provide aerial drone survey and aerial roof inspection services,

greatly reducing health and safety risks, giving fast image acquisition and lower overall costs,

removing the need for scaffolding, cranes and applications for permits.

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• Faster inspection time compared to traditional methods

• No need for working at height

• Reduction in inspection costs

• Real time accurate imaging of problem areas

• Inspect hazardous areas without personnel exposure

• Reduce health and safety risks

• Quick and easy deployment

Conducting roof inspections of a building safely and accurately used to be a time consuming and expensive exercise.


Kingfisher Drones provide drone roof inspections bringing significant cost-effectiveness to roof condition inspections and structural reports.  


There are also significant down-time and safety benefits in utilising drones to carry out aerial roof inspections. 


A drone is an ideal tool for aerial inspections and can be a versatile and quick way to reach areas without the need for costly scaffolding. With real time image viewing you can see directly what the drones camera sees and get the information required instantly.

With quick deployment and flight durations of up to 20 minutes this gives plenty of time to capture all the images needed to make a full roof inspection or survey.

We record all footage in high resolution 4k. The use of 4k video allows us to zoom in on areas of interest, and after each inspection flight, footage can be reviewed to assess areas of interest that may require further inspection or attention.

Roof Inspections using a Drone

Aerial Roof Inspections_

• Aerial photography for Insurance Claims

• Rooftop inspections using drones

• Chimney stack aerial inspections

• Aerial Asset Inspections

• Assess condition of gutters, flat roofs, and gables

• Identify damage to flashing, pointing and chimneys

• Access hard to reach areas easily

Commercial Aerial Photography

The clear and detailed inspection photographs or 4K UHD Video will put you fully in the picture as to the condition of your roof without the need for hiring costly plant, erecting scaffolding, or requiring staff to work at height.


By using the latest drone photography technology, aerial building inspections can be accomplished in a fraction of the time normally required for such an exercise.


Carrying out a drone roof inspection will help identify structural problems with flat roofs and defects on gables, gutters, parapets, pointing, lead flashing and chimneys.

Aerial roof inspection photographs can be used as part of  insurance claims, maintenance reports and surveys.

By utilising a drone, hard to access areas of flat roofs, chimney stacks or valleys can be viewed in real time and decisions can be quickly made by surveyors and maintenance teams.

Intervention will help prevent any damage becoming a bigger and more expensive problem and the key to intervention is early detection.


• Fully insured for aerial roof inspections

• Holders of current PfCO certification 

• Operator registered with Civil Aviation Authority

• All drones registered with CAA

• We are fully compliant with latest drone regulations

• State of the art, professional drone equipment used

• Industry standard drones used for aerial roof inspections

Kingfisher Drones provide aerial roof inspection services across Norfolk, Suffolk and East Anglia.

We are fully compliant with the current drone registration and drone licensing laws, hold current PfCOcertification as issued by the Civil Aviation Authority and are fully insured to carry out aerial roof inspections.

Based in the heart of the Norfolk Broads, we are ideally located to deliver drone services across East Anglia and beyond.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Professional Drone Services

Based in the heart of the Norfolk Broads, we are ideally located to deliver drone services across East Anglia and beyond.

We have supplied aerial footage and aerial filming services to a wide range of clients across the UK,


We are fully insured, licensed and hold a current Permission to Fly as issued by the Civil Aviation Authority ensuring we provide professional and trusted aerial filming services throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, East Anglia and beyond.




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